Friday, 30 August 2013

Bourjois 'Bronzing Primer'

I'd wanted this product since its release so when I spotted it in the French supermarket it miricaulously made its way into our trolley! I am a big time lover of the Chanel Bronze Universel so was interested to see how it would compare. 

I've been using the Bourjois Bronzing Pimer for a good month now so feel I've been able to give it a proper test run. I apply it with my real techniques buffing brush or stippling brush which in my opinion both work great. I've found the buffing brush has so many uses I need to pick up ten more! Although I've heard the expert face brush is also pretty great so maybe that is next in my list, let me know if any of you have tried it. 

This product is marketed as a primer but I prefer using it over my make up as a bronzer or on holiday I just used it by itself instead of foundation to even out my skin tone. I usually apply it down my cheeks, temples the usual places you contour, it blends like a dream compared with my powder bronzer and gives a much dewier, healthier finish, perfect for summer. I find it works best for me under a dewy, light coverage foundation such as the YSL touché Éclat, I tried it over Double Wear but found it a lot harder to work with and blend. I have more of an olivey undertone to my skin which is why I think I can get away with more orangey toned products but if you are super pale you may find yourself having to work harder with the product. If you've smelt the powder chocolate bronzer from Bourjois you'll recognise the smell of this one, its sweet yet still subtle enough others won't notice. 

In comparison with the Chanel Bronze Universel, I honestly can't pick a favourite. In terms of product they are so similar in texture, in colour with different smells. I find the Chanel easier to apply perhaps as the packaging is larger so its easier to take a brush and swirl it in and apply where as the Bourjois packaging is a lot smaller I find I have to dab my brush instead of swirl. I know the Chanel bronzer is more expensive but you also get more product so the difference isn't as big as you initially think. 

My advice is to try the Bourjois Bronzing Primer first and if you do get on with and love it then branch out to the Chanel Beonze Universel as I think you'll love it even more! 

As I said I picked mine up in France for €10.95 as apposed to £10 in the UK so it did work out slightly cheaper. I'd recommend looking out for it if you're abroad as every little saving helps! 


  1. I want to try both! I've had my eye on the chanel one for a while - love the idea of a cream bronzer! - but my friend has the bourjois one and says it's so good! There doesn't look much difference betwen them on the photos either X

  2. The Real Techniques brush is amazing! Definitely a brush you should try for liquid foundations! The Bourjois bronzer looks really good! Compared to the price point of the Chanel bronzer, I think this bronzer is something I will purchase in the near future. Thanks for the post! Love to hear about products I never have heard before!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  3. I have this and love it! Chanel bronze universal is next on my list too!

    Lovely blog, followed on gfc & bloglovin! Would love it if you could check out my blog xx

    1. If you love it then you will love the Chanel one even more!! Ill check yours out :) xx

  4. i love the bronze universal, but just debating on repurchasing because of the price! i'll pick this up now as well and save my chanel one :)

    followed on gfc and bloglovin! x