Saturday, 28 September 2013

Time to work it #1

Now lets talk about fitness.

Let me be honest with you now, real, embarrassingly honest with you...I am lazy, I do not do fitness, unless walking to the fridge and back counts?! The words fitness, workout, run, cardio bring me out in a sweat alone. You know those people who look at the dessert menu before the mains, yeah that's me. I'm in no way overweight but I have put on weight over the past few years to the extend where I'm no longer comfortable or happy with the way I look. I'm not looking to lose stone, just pounds to tone up and become healthier. 

I've tried, oh I've tried many times in fact but these spurts never seem to last. Ill feel pumped and ready to change things around but each time it ends the same way, failing. After much thought I've come to the conclusion I've been going about it all in the wrong way. I've been trying to change everything straight away and put too much pressure on myself only to set myself up for a fail. I need to add things in slowly, set smaller goals and change things I know I can stick to. Instead of cutting out everything bad for me, I'll allow myself to a certain number of treats a week, I won't set unrealistic goals of exercising 6 times a week instead ill make it 3 times a week and increase when I feel ready. 

My ultimate goal is a half marathon. Most of my family have done several over the last few years and I'd really like to prove myself to be just as capable, I know that's the last thing they'd think I could do! 

Beauty, fitness, food all over lap and if we're not looking after ourselves on the inside how do we expect to look our best on the outside? Being healthier will translate in our skin, hair, nails,and body. I know it'll be hard work but I also know in the end it'll be worth it. 

Inspiration and motivation 

1- Instagram, tumblr and blogs

I know there will be those days I won't want to get up and exercise and that's where these girls come in. Your probably all aware of them already but just in case they've slipped through your path these are the girls that inspire and motivate me. 
Lydia Millen from 

Lydia's Instagram 'LydiaMillen' is full pictures of motivation. Her body is ah-maz-ing and her love of health and fitness really shows. She proves being fit, and having strength is the way forward and that skinny is not the aim. 

Lauren Spearman Instagram 'LaurenSpearman' 

Lauren's results are amazing, her before and after photos are so inspiring to see what can be achieved with hard work and determination. The running updates and pictures she posts almost make me want to get up and go! 

Charlotte from

I followed Charlotte on her recent 30 day shred journey, knowing that she's a mum and still had time to exercise everyday means there's no excuse for me, who isn't a mum and has no one else to look after!

If you put #health or #fitness into Instagram or tumblr it also comes up with hundreds of inspirational and motivational pictures. Tumblr like Instagram is a great way to find pictures and read people's stories and journeys. I especially like the before and after pictures posted, seeing other people's progress really spurs me on to see how well they have done and know I can do similar. 

2 - Lucy Mecklenburgh
If you haven't recently seen Lucy's body you must've been hiding under a rock. She's been constantly displayed on the cover of every magazine making us mere mortals feel rubbish about ourselves! Yes she had a great body before but seeing how with good food and exercise her body has changed is so inspirational for me. If I could choose my ultimate, dream body, Lucy's would be it. Slim and toned. 

Throughout this fitness journey ill be adding my motivation and inspiration as it happens to hopefully help inspire and motivate anyone needing an extra hit! Once I find a routine that seems to be working for me I shall let you all know! 

What's your motivation? 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Empties #1

I haven't done an empties post before so thought I'd show you the collection of products I've been stashing away that I'd recently finished using. I really enjoy reading empties posts because it shows the products to their full potential as you know they must've been used for a while! Take a look further to see what I've been loving and disliking....

Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' Perfume

I recently reviewed the 'Oh so fresh Summer' perfume and tried the 'daisy oh so fresh' both which I prefer to this. 'Daisy' is the original scent by Marc Jacobs and also the strongest, most grown up scent in my opinion. I found it to be more of an evening fragrance as I prefer something lighter during the day. Marc Jacobs defiantly got it right with the bottle though, it's so adorable and would compliment any vanity. I wouldn't repurchase this particular scent again but ill be forever repurchasing Marc Jacobs other scents! 

La Roche Posay 'Effeclar Duo' 

This was one of those products blogging/YouTube made me buy. There was so much hype around it earlier this year I had to see what all the fuss was about. I loved the concept of an unclogging, anti imperfection gel as I do suffer from hormonal breakouts but I can't say I really noticed too much difference in using it. I had high hopes from seeing so many great reviews but for me it just didn't work. It didn't break me out or irritate my skin, it didn't do anything. I wouldn't repurchase this particular product but I love other products from the la Roche Posay range. 

Along came Betty 'Say you can scrub me' skin buffer

At mad dash through the supermarket knowing I had a spray tan booked later that evening was the reason for this one. I was originally looking for the Soap and Glory body scrub whilst I love but this slightly cheaper very similar product caught my eye. The packaging has that same retro feel about it as Soap and Glory and a smell that'll sell it to you alone. The consistency is thick and gel like containing blue and white exfoliating beads which once wet lather up to give gentle exfoliation without being too harsh. I'm a big fan of this and would defiantly recommend trying it if you are a fan of Soap and Glory. 


I know a deodorant isn't the most exciting of things but we've all gotta wear it right? I forgot I hadn't packed any for holiday so this was one of those desperate purchases. This is my favourite type to use but they didn't seem to have the fragrance I prefer, I love the one in a purple bottle, its so yummy for a deodorant! This one has the same formula though so it did the job of keeping me fresh! 

Revlon Photoready foundation in 'Shell' 

I like to have a Photoready foundation in my collection at all times for those days when I want to wear foundation but not use an up an expensive foundation. Do any of you do that?! It offers great build-able coverage, is long lasting and comes in lots of shades. I like that it contains no SPF so you don't get that awful white face from flashback if you happen to have your picture taken. I think this shade is slightly light for me so will pick up a darker shade even though we're coming into winter! 

Korres 'Pomegranate' moisturising cream gel

I've got to admit I had a little squeal when I noticed Korres being sold in Waitrose. I wanted to try a few products from the range and this made it into my basket. The smell like all the Korres products is to die for and the glass bottle gives it that extra luxurious feel. The texture is unlike many moisturisers I've previously tried as its a cream- gel formula which makes it feel super light and non greasy once applied to the skin and absorbs quickly making a great base for foundation. I didn't see other scents in the same formula before, have you seen any? 

Diesel 'Loverdose' Perfume

Similar to the 'Daisy' perfume I found this a very strong scent but one I really liked. I liked to refer to it as my guilty pleasure perfume as it seemed to be marketed towards more of the teenage market although I would describe it as a sexy scent.  If I had to describe it in one word it would be liquorice. The bottle isn't to many taste and the shape makes it hard to stand up but it is unique and I can see why others would like it. I don't think I'd go about buying it for myself again but it may just end up on my Christmas list. 


Oh the infamous Bioderma. I should start by letting you know this was my second bottle and I've already repurchased two as back ups, that how much I rely on this product. I use it every evening to take off my eye make up and over the face as a pre remover before properly cleansing. I've never had any issues with it stinging my eyes and it seems to remove even the most stubborn of mascara. I don't think I could live without it in my routine now but I am interested in trying other similar molecular waters, can you recommend any? 

That's all this month gals, have you tried any of these products mentioned? 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Holiday Haulin' #3- Make Up Forever


Post number 3 of my holiday haulin' features two much loved Make Up Forever products. Let me introduce to a repurchase of mine the Smoky Lash mascara and a newbie to me, the Full Cover concealor. I was aware from last year of a Make Up Forever in St.Tropez but still feel felt overwhelmed whilst browsing of what to pick up. I knew I loved the mascara so it seemed only right to pick up another one and I've heard lots of love for the concealer especially recently after seeing Lily and Vivianna pick it up on their trip to New York! 

If I had to pick a HG mascara the Smoky Lash would be it. I find it the perfect balance in formula of not wet and not too dry, ultra black and lasts all day. The formula is thick which works best by using less product and building it up, it gives great length, curl and volume which can built up depending on the look you are going for. I'm a huge fan of big, dramatic lashes which this easily achieves without leaving them looking spidery. I've had no problem with flaking or smudging even though most mascaras do tend to smudge on my upper eyes yet my Bioderma has no problem taking it off. I know Make Up Forever is hard to get hold of in the UK but if you get the chance to try it take it and let me know your thoughts! 

As for the Full Cover Concealer I am so undecided, I want to love this product as I've heard so many good things but I just don't. I have shade 3 which is defiantly too light for me, I can work with it under my eyes but over blemishes is a no go as it just highlights them. This could be the reason it hasn't lived up to its name for me but my issues don't stop there. I find it incredibly difficult to apply as it drys very quickly and makes it impossible to blend without dragging the skin. Warming it up with your finger beforehand may just give you enough time but a brush has no chance. It's essentially a very thick, very full coverage concealer. If you want something that's waterproof and won't budge this is that. I'm used to a very creamy concealor which this is not. There are however a few plus point I must mention. I squeezy tube packaging is great, I love how hygienic it is compared to many concealors with dofa applicators. The Full Cover concealer is expensive but you only need a small amount and a little does go a long way. If I get the chance I would like to try it in a better colour for me to see if my feelings change! 

Any concealers you would recommend me? 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Everyday Make-Up Routine #1









Today I thought I'd share with you the make up I currently use on a daily basis. When something works for me I tend to find myself reaching for it everyday. I find these products have helped me achieve a fresh faced, bronzed, glowing skin look ive been going for this Summer. If you like that dewy glow, make sure you try the YSL touché éclat, I am totally sold and the smell it divine!  Now that Autumn is on its way I'm sure products will soon change!

  • YSL touché éclat foundation
  • Benefit Erase Paste concealor 
  • Estée Lauder Double Wear concealor
  • Revlon Photoready powder
  • Maybelline Falsies mascara
  • Naked palette 
  • Topshop blush in 'Head over heels' 
  • Chanel Bronze Universel
  • Revlon lip butter in 'Stawberry Stortcake' 

I like to frequently chop and change between lip products depending on my mood but if I'm running late or having a mind blank this lip butter is my fail safe option ill always reach for. If I'm going out in the evening or to a special occasion ill switch up my foundation for something with slightly more coverage and longer lasting like my Estée Lauder double wear and add a smokier eye. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wish list // NYX

NYX is a brand I hear so many good things about but here in the UK it's extremely hard to get hold of, that is until I came across the website The website stocks various brands and best of all offers free shipping! I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of products and colours they stock so thought I'd out together my NYX wish list for you all.

Firstly I headed straight to the 'jumbo eye pencils.' I think these have got to be one of the most talked about products from the line especially in 'Milk.' I put 'Milk' a pure white, 'French Fries' a bronze, brown with shimmer and 'Sparkling Leopard' a lighter bronze, gold. Can you tell I love my neutrals?!  They are described as creamy and a product that can be doubled up as a liner and eye shadow. I'm all into cream eyeshadows at the moment so these will be right up my street. I think the eyeshadow in 'Deep Bronze' will compliment the eye pencils perfectly allowing me to create the perfect everyday eye look. 

I'm one of those girls that likes to keep a tanned glow all year round so I'm always on the look out for a good bronzer. The fact this is a matte bronzer really caught my eye as a lot of drugstore bronzers do have glitter in. They come in three shades, light, medium and dark from which I chose medium. 

Anything coral or peach toned I'm all over so this blush in 'Peach' and lipstick in 'Peach Bellini' had to go on the list. The blush is described as a sheer blush but also highly pigmented so I'm interested to see how this would transfer on to the skin. There were more colours of the blush I wanted to try like 'Taupe' but have heard mixed reviews so narrowed it down to one to start with. Equally with the lipsticks there's a great variety of colours but wanted to try them before ordering lots. 

I'm sure all of you have heard of the 'soft matte lip creams' which I've wanted to try for a while. I went with 'Istanbul' a pretty pink to suit most skin tones, its hard to tell the difference between colours on the website so thought I'd play it safe. I think these are supposed to be similar to the Rimmel Apocolips, a creamy liquid lipstick just a matte formula. I haven't heard these are drying but I am skeptical as with most matte lip products. 

Have you tried any NYX products? What were your favourite? 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Holiday Haulin' #2 - Clarins 'Cleansing Milk'








Just like the Chanel 'Vitalumiere Aqua' purchase this was a complete impulse, spur of the moment buy. I wanted to use up my euros and there wasn't a huge selection at duty free in France to choose from. A few years back I'd have stayed right away from anything Clarins thinking it was for ladies of an earlier generation like my Grandma would buy but I couldn't have been more wrong! Clarins have really upped their game recently and have lots of new releases I'm lusting after! 

I had tried the cleansing milk before and liked it so thought I'd pick up the full size. To me this is a safe buy product. It isn't going to dramatically change your skin care routine or miraculously improve your skin but it will help maintain it and keep it clean. Personally I like to use it when I'm tired and feeling lazy on a cotton pad. Ill firstly use my Bioderma with a cotton pad and then this to make sure everything's off. I use it on those evenings I don't want to be fussing with facial washes but still want to feel clean. If I had to describe it in one word it would actually be 'clean.' I usually avoid strong scented products as they tend to sting and dry out my already dry skin however this doesn't seem to affect it. I don't love nor hate the smell, its refreshing and relaxing but I can see how some people may not be a fan.

Here is an interesting tip for you all Clarins have actually advised you use it by warming it between your fingers and then pressing it onto your skin to form a suction action for 5-10 minutes which will dislodge any dirt and black heads. I'm yet to try this tecnique but am intrigued if to see I notice any difference. Have you heard this before?! 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Holiday Haulin' #1 - Chanel 'Vitalumiere Aqua' Foundation









Firstly please excuse the photos here, the packaging seems to have been damaged in transporation! 

Number one on my holiday haulin' list is the loved by many Chanel 'Vitalumiere Aqua' foundation. This was a complete spur of the moment buy in duty free at the Chanel Tunnel coming back from France. I had a little bit of money left over in euros which I wanted to spend but the beauty counters were very small and nothing really caught my attention until I saw this. 

Recently I've been enjoying wearing more light weight foundations like my YSL touché éclat foundation so this fits right in there. It's super easy to apply without ever looking cakey, I like to apply with my real techniques buffing brush for that flawless finish look but I've heard it also works well applying with your fingers for an even lighter coverage like a tinted moisturiser. The 'Aqua' part of the name does give it away but if you werent aware it is a water based foundation so does need to be shaken before using. I was worried when choosing what colour to go for as I had to colour match myself but I think '10 beige'  works well for me and will be good in the winter months when I'm at my most pale. 

The phrase 'a second skin' was made for this foundation, its sheer, light-weight and hydrating yet eases dullness, evens out uneven skin tone and covers redness. If I need that extra bit of coverage here or there ill just use a more heavy duty concealor over the top. 

I know opinions have been mixed over the packaging as its not as luxurious as most Chanel products such as the 'Pro lumiere' foundation in a glass bottle but I like how light and travel friendly it is. I'd read that the bottle was small so I was expecting it but it is tiny although there is just as much product in there as bigger bottles like the 'Pro lumiere.' The only negative I have overall is with the packaging being opaque so its difficult to know how much you have left but shaking it should give you a rough guide. 

As I mentioned I picked mine up in duty free and it was in Euros but you can pick 'Vitalumiere Aqua' up from almost Chanel counters for £32. I know it is expensive but its Chanel so you kind of expect it, I've been trying to save using it for those special occasions! 

Have you tried 'Vitalumiere Aqua' what did you think?

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Current Favourites #1









Instead of doing monthly favourites I thought id just do current ones like this post when there are a few products I've been loving! I wanted to share with you the products I've been reaching for over the past month so here we go :)

Topshop cream blush in head over heels

I've had this blush a good year or so now but at first I just couldn't get it to work for me. I do think it depends what foundation you are wearing as to how it'll apply. For me if I'm wearing Estée Lauder double wear this is a no go but anything else I've tried works great. I've been using it with my Real techniques stippling brush by just doting a small amount on my cheeks and blending which works great. The colour may look scary in the pan but with a gentle hand can be used for a subtle colour or built up for more intensity. The only thing that frustrates me about cream products is how mucky they look in the pan!

Hollister body mist in Laguna beach

In my younger days I've gotta admit I did get caught up in the whole Hollister style. Nowadays I do pop in for odd pieces (I especially like there tank tops) but had never tried their body sprays until I received this for my birthday. I find body mists so easy to just spritz on and go as the scent is usually lighter than that of a perfume. It's refreshing, peachy scent is perfect for spring summer and just reminds me if holiday.

Real techniques deluxe crease brush

My boyfriend bought me the Real techniques eye starter kit for our anniversary about a month ago after dropping some serious hints! I tend to ignore what the brush is called and its actual purpose and use it how I find best for me. In this case it's not as an eye brush but as my concealor brush. It's perfect for blending in under my eyes as its super soft and a great size for dotting on any blemishes. Don't be scared to experiment with your brushes! 

17 eyeshadow in statuesque 

This shade was given to me a while ago by my Grandma after receiving it as a free gift with something, I knew I'd love it instantly. I'm a sucker for neutrals so this pinky, champagne colour was right up my street. When I look at this shadow the colours rose gold comes to mind, it is shimmery however it's so finely milled it just works. It's easy to blend and lasts just as long as my naked palette shadows at a fraction of the price. Go and check this shadow out now it won't disappoint.

Nivea day cream in dry and sensitive

I picked this up on a whim over three years ago and now seem to always repurchase as nothing I've found does my skin as good. I know I'm not a fan of fragranced things on my face however this hasn't caused any irritation. It has that typical Nivea smell which i know some people don't get on with. I try to get the dry and sensitive version as its slightly thicker and richer than the others. I apply this everyday under my make up as a base and some evenings when my skin is particularly dry. I honestly can't see myself not having this at home as it works great and is super affordable. 

Clarins Instant light natural lip perfector in 01

I'm sure you've heard people raving about these before but they really are ah-maz-ing. It's a gloss like texture which is in no way sticky yet stays on the lips and gives off a sheer sweep of colour. I'm a huge fan of the applicator these have, it's so soft on my lips I can just sit there reapplying and reapplying! They do have a smell which again I like and I've seen they've bought out new shades recently which I'm so tempted by as mine is only a mini version! 

Moroccan hair oil

I've used Moroccan oil for over 3 years now and only have good things to say. I've never tried a similar product because this works so well so I can't say how it compares to others but all you need to know is its great! Before I started using an oil I was skeptical it would make my hair greasy but I haven't had any issue with that at all. I much prefer using it after I've washed, brushed and towel dried my hair rather than dry, I apply 2 or 3 pumps on to my fingertips rub them together and then just run through the lower two thirds of my hair. I can notice such a difference straight away in texture and appearance and I have I mentioned the smell? I can't get enough! 

Have any of you tried any if these products? What did you think?!