Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Sunday Post #1


001. Hello and a big thank you to my first few followers! It's great to know there are some of you reading my rambles. Don't be shy to get in contact either here on twitter @behindthedoor51 as I'd love to speak to you. 

002. This week has been spent visiting my mum near Chester. I don't get to see her very often so it's always nice the time we do spend together. I find my time here so relaxing , it's almost like my escape! I've spent the week relaxing by her pool, walking the doors and eating lots of naughty food. 

003. We went shopping on Friday to Chester which I highly recommend a visit to if you every get the opportunity. The city itself is very unique with old Tudor style buildings which the shops are actually in. There's a great mix of shops and department stores so bound to be something that everyone likes. Zara is my shop of choice at the moment and being a sale and all it did not disappoint. I picked up a beautiful pair of structured navy shorts for my holiday for only £7.99 and a black floaty tank top with detailing on the back for £9.99, bargain! I could've spent a lot more but restrained myself! 

004. I am loving how low maintenance my nails have been this week since having shellac put on. I originally had them done for my dads wedding last weekend but they seem to have lasted really well, I opted for a gorgeous glittery gold which complimented my nude dress perfectly. Usually my nails chip awfully and I'm having to repaint them every other day so this is a nice change. I'm thinking about having shellac done on my hands and toes before my holiday a vibrant coral always works well with a tan. 

005. Being away has given me plenty of time to think and start putting plans into action. Over recent months I've been unsure where my future lies and what it is I want to be doing. I can't think of anything worse than being stuck in a mundane job I hate. Make up is my passion so I've decided to go for it and do a make up artistry course, I know the industry is competitive but its something I know I'll enjoy. I've been looking into a few courses around me and think I've chosen a course which suits my needs. I'm just working out funding as for a weeks course they can be very expensive along with kit etc, and hopefully will be starting within the next month. I am finally excited and looking forward to the future and the opportunities it shall bring! 

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend :) 

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Marc Jacobs Limited edition 'Oh So Fresh Sunshine' perfume

My mum surprised me recently with this perfume after picking it up at duty free. I'm already a great lover of the Marc Jacob scents so was very happy when I received it!

Previously I've had the original 'Daisy', the original 'Eau so fresh' and 'Dot' which each smell so yummy! 

The packaging is very similar to the 'Eau so fresh' the only difference being the colour of the Daisy's on the lid. I think the pop of colour of the Daisy's give it a really fun, summer edge. The colour of the actual perfume inside the bottle is also a slightly darker pink but apart from that its identical.

Marc Jacobs describe the scent 'as a bolder and fruitier interpretation of the original daisy scent. A playful, fruity, floral fragrance, it features an energetic and addictive fruity top, a breeze of airy floral petals in the heart, and a smooth velvety base of subtle sweetness.'  Now if like me you are no perfume expert that might be a lot to take in but I can tell you it is defiantly light and fresh with a mixture of floral and fruitiness. I found the original 'Daisy' to be a a little too strong for me but 'Eau so fresh' was perfect and defiantly my favourite. I'm thinking this limited edition 'Sunshine' edition is going to give the original a run for top spot! 

If you like fresh, playful scents you must go and give it a sniff, it'll instantly lift you and put you in the mood for summer!

Have you got any perfume recommendations? 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara

No mascara

Estée Lauder double wear mascara

I'm not usually one for high end mascaras (although I do have my eye on the Lancôme doll eye!) but being such a huge fan of the double wear foundation I was curious to try other products from the range. 

To me double wear represents a long wearing, no budging formula which is exactly what I look for in a mascara. Although I have normal to dry skin I do find mascaras tend to smudge above and below my lashes so being that this is called a 'zero smudging' mascara it defiantly called out to me.

Let me start with the packaging. To be totally honest I'm not really sure how I feel about it, yes it's classic and classy but something just doesn't work for me. I don't know if its the fact it feels almost too grown up?  The formula however I adore. Sometimes I find formulas that are marketed as non smudging overcompensate by being too dry however this is the perfect consistency for creating longer, fuller lashes. I opted for the colour 01 black and black it most certainly is, it leaves a gorgeous glossy finish as a posed to looking dry and flakey like some. If you're looking for volume this may not be your best friend but length it certainly delivers on, separating the lashes with a natural curl. 

Now onto the zero smudging claim...I don't know if you can say zero but very very little is defiantly correct. I found it worked especially on my lower lashes where I've had no problem with smudging whatsoever. It lasted all day without flaking or evaporating?! Do any of you find some mascaras just see, to disappear throughout the day like me! 

Lastly onto the removal process! I'm a girl who likes things to be simple and easy. My eyes can be sensitive so the last thing I want is to be stuck scrubbing them for hours at the end of the day when all I want is my bed. A splash of Bioderma on a cotton pad removes this easily for me with no scrubbing and leaves my eyes refreshed and clean. 

I just thought I'd also mention Estée Lauder sometimes have special offers where you receive a free gift with purchase which is quite frequently a double ended wand with the mascara. If you wanted to try it out, keep a look out for that offer if not you can pick yours up for £19.50 from any Estée Lauder counter. 

What are your thoughts on this? Any mascara recommendations for me to try next?

Friday, 7 June 2013

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Sinful Colors in 'Cream pink' and 'Folly'

Having recently grown my nails with the help of shellac, nail polish has only just popped onto my radar. However gorgeous the colour before my nails did it so little justice I eventually gave up painting them all together -  alas a new obsession is growing! 

I've dabbled in Essie and have been loving Models Own but the stand out brand has got to go to Sinful Colors.

I'd read a few blog posts and scrolled through a few tweets mentioning they had launched in Boots so made my way in to see what all the fuss was about. I was pleasantly surprised by the large colour range and variety of finishes. 
The finishes I could see were glitter, pearl, shimmer, matt and cream.  After much deliberation and indecisiveness I opted for 'Cream pink'  and 'Folly'  both cream finishes.

Cream pink is a bright, neon hot pink shade with a blue undertone and slight gold shimmer throughout. Like most neon polishes it dries almost matt however the gold shimmer is barely noticeable. I found 2 coats was enough to gain an opaque finish which I find is pretty standard for most polishes. 

Folly is much more red toned than cream pink, almost a raspberry colour. I found this colour very hard to capture to its most true form. When applying folly the finish was a lot more opaque and could be left with just one coat which is great for those days you are in a hurry! 

The shape of the brush is very easy to work with and picks up a lot of polish so just be careful when applying for a smooth application. You can pick Sinful Colors polishes up in Boots for £1.99 and I've also heard they are included in there 3 for 2 deals, win! 

I know a few people have had hit or miss experiences with them but I have nothing but good to say. 

I'm already thinking about which colours to pick up next, there was a gorgeous bright neon orange which was out of stock last time I'm dying to get my hands on! Have you tried any colours you can recommend?