Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Body Shop 'Vitamin C Skin Reviver'


Just as I warned you in my recent 'Shower gels' post another purchase from The Body Shop! I received the Skin Reviver for my birthday having mentioned how much I used to love it in a recent catch up chat with friends. I was first introduced to this a good 4 years ago by my Mum who suggested I try it!

The Body Shop 'Vitamin C Skin Reviver' is marketed as a radiance booster that refreshes and smoothes skin helping to enhance your natural glow, even in the Winter!  To achieve this the Skin Reviver contains light- reflective particles that to the eye looks like an apricot-y shimmer. It was perfect last Summer for those evenings were foundation was too much faff to wear alone without having to worry my skin looked dull and lifeless! The scent, just like all products from The Body Shop smells gorgeous, a citrus orange that is great for waking you up in the morning.

The gel like consistency applies effortlessly over the face with a soft, velvet texture that makes you want to keep applying! The Body Shop advise you to apply after your moisturiser and before your make up as a primer like product to help you achieve a flawless base. It's extremely easy to apply with your fingers just like a primer. This works well for my dry skin but if you've got oily skin or are having trouble with it I'd recommend cutting out the moisturiser step and seeing how you get on.

Although this product is similar to a primer after trying the Benefit Porefessional recently they are very different products. If you are looking for something to help the longevity of your foundation I would hands down recommend the Porefessional however if its a radiant glow you're looking for the Skin Reviver should be next on your list! 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Benefit 'Groovy kinda love' kit


Besides owning the 'They're Real' mascara that I recently talked about (and am loving even more since using it this week!) in a previous post, I haven't tried out much else from Benefit, shocking I know!

The 'Groovy kinda love' palette from Benefit contains a sample size of the Porefessional, Benetint and They're Real mascara, four eye-shadows in 'tickle my ivory' 'guilt-y pleasure' 'shimmer down' and 'kiss me, I'm tipsy' a duo blush in 'Dandelion' and 'Bella Bambi' a mini blush brush and a double ended applicator for applying the eye shadows. Although I haven't and won't use the applicator it's a nice extra if you just want to take the kit somewhere without anything else.

The four eye-shadows are extremely pigmented and are in great wearable shades for a neutral lover like myself. The kit also comes with a 'how to' guide for applying the shadows if you need any inspiration! My favourite shade has got to be 'Shimmer down' a gorgeous deep, golden brown that'll compliment any look and I'm loving the addition of a white in 'Tickle my ivory.'

A miniature 'They're Real' mascara has come in super handy to keep in my handbag for touch ups throughout the day and I can see it being great for travelling too. I've never tried any Benefit blushes but heard great things so getting to try two was very exciting! I prefer to use a big fluffy brush to apply them than the brush it came with that I swirl around both to create a sweep of pinky shimmer as I found 'Dandelion' slightly too pale to show up on my skin tone. I have found them extremely soft and easy to blend just like my favourite MAC blush. 

My favourite product from the whole kit, without a doubt is the miniature Porefessional. Benefits Porefessional has been raved about all over the web in recent months and I can see why. I don't usually use a primer but I actually look forward to putting this on. A light brown coloured product that looks naked on the skin that smoothes my face creating the perfect base for my foundation. I've really noticed the difference it has made to how my foundation looks throughout the day and its lasting power, I know ill be purchasing the full size as soon as this runs out! 

Kits like these are such great ideas as it gives you a chance to try multiple miniture products without having for fork out a fortune so you can find your favourites! 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Victoria Secret Nail Varnish in 'Runway Angel'


On a recent trip to New York my brothers lovely girlfriend picked me up this beautiful nail polish. Unfortunately I did not visit New York and am still yet to step foot in a Victoria Secret store but one day this shall happen! 

'Runway Angel' is a gorgeous golden, glitter that most definitely lives up to its claims of being 'a high gloss, performance lacquer.' I find a lot of polishes look great in the bottle and once applied barely translate onto the nails at all which is not the case with this. It is not just a polish that looks incredible in the bottle but one that is equally as pretty on the nails. Runway Angel is made up of a mixture of small and large glitter pieces that can be worn as a top coat over other polishes or built up to be worn alone. Most of the time I seem to wear it built up on its own to add a little sparkle to everyday life but it does look great over a neutral base like Essie Fiji. In general I tend to find glitter polishes last longer on my nails with this as no exception. I could easily get away with wearing this for a good 5 days which on my nails is good! On a little side note - I adore the square, unique shaped bottle that I think are similar to the American Apparel polishes? It looks so pretty on my dressing table! 

Since falling in love with the consistency and shade of this polish I've been had a sneaky look on the VS website and found it comes in a variety of shades! 'Just kiss me' and 'Backstage' have already been added to my wish list! Have you tried the VS polishes? 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New Year, New Changes


A slightly different post from me today but like many I have embarked on a few changes this year to improve myself that I wanted to share here! I feel New Years resolutions are so easily broken because they are so quickly thought about. That being said this isn't a New Years resolution as such but a new change that I am determined to keep. I'm sure 99% of the Country make similar statements as this time of year but I'm fixed on being that small percent that continues past January! To me its all about feeling comfortable with yourself and in your own skin which is where I want to get back to. Healthy eating and exercise for me is the only way to go about this and in turn I think that will help improve a lot of other things. My love for anything chocolate covered and sitting on my butt makes this extremely difficult! (Even writing the word chocolate makes my mouth water!)

Something I really struggle with is knowing how much I can eat and what foods have in them which is where the MyFitnessPal app is really helping. If you are having the same problem I can't recommend this app more as its so useful, easy to use and free! The app in its simplest form is where you can record what you eat and how many calories you are consuming. I wouldn't recommend calorie counting obsessively but its a good starting point to help you know what and how much you can eat. My favourite part of the app is that you can scan the barcode of your food, choose your serving size and it'll automatically add it in in seconds. I can already see by using this just where I was going wrong! 

Just the word exercise fills me with dread! I can't run and never have been able to which I am trying to change. I know I'm not going to be out running miles at a time any time soon but I am slowly progressing. I think being able to see how far and fast I've run really helps me and motivates me to beat that. The Nike Running App has been great for documenting all this and again is free! It maps your run and saves it for you to look at and compare with other runs whenever you like. Without this I would have no record of the progress I am slowly making! As well as cardio I'm very aware of the benefits of strength training to help tone and define which I actually really enjoy. Luckily my brother has many free weights and a bar which is perfect for what I need. I'm looking forward to see the changes weights can make! 

So there we have it a couple to things that have really been helping me keep on the straight and narrow! Can you recommend anything else to help? What helps you? 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara


Benefits 'They're real' mascara had huge hype surrounding its release over two years ago that has only grown over the years. I did give it a try when it was released and had mixed opinions but never repurchased until now! Ever on the quest for the perfect mascara that'll give me length and volume I wanted to give this another go.

The 'They're real' mascara has a plastic wand that is covered in small spikes to cover and coat every single lash. The custom domed tip of the wand is designed to reach those tiny, fustrating inner and outer corner lashes that really does its job. I like my mascara to be ultra black which this certainly is and love how it dries just as glossy as it applies. It gives the perfect balance of length and volume that I look for with minimum effort and can be easily built up. I do find the formula very wet and sticky which is what I felt the first time I tried it. I do find removing it tricker than all my other mascaras but I almost find that a good point as even though its not waterproof I know it wont end up down my face! 

Although I have found the same little niggles as with using it the first time around the positives do out weigh the negatives and as long as I don't rub my eyelashes into one giant sticky eyelash this shall stay in my make up bag!

Have you tried Benefits 'They're real?' I recently was gifted a couple of Benefit mini sets that I cannot wait to sha with you all, they are so great for trying out the brands best products! 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

'The Body Shop' Shower Gels


The Body Shop is notorious for having great discounts but recently blew every other discount out the water with a huge 50% off sale on everything online and in store. I did go a little crazy but picked up some old favourites that I've well and truly fallen back in love with and will be repurchasing!

A big selling point of the The Body Shop to me is each product comes in multiple scents. Already knowing I was a huge fan of the shower gels I picked up 3 in 'Pink Grapefruit' 'Mango' and 'Honeymania.' All 3 of the shower gels are soap free cleansing gels that will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean without drying it out. I like to apply a little to a luffa which I've found best helps it to lather and means a little goes a very long way. I am far from being a morning person and find these refreshing scents do a great job of waking me up. All 3 scents are very strong and last well on the skin without drying it out. 'Honeymania' is the newest scent to be realised from The Body Shop and although its my least favourite out of the 3 I can see why the range has been such a success! 

Which is your favourite scent from The Body Shop? 

Friday, 17 January 2014

MUA 'Heaven and Earth' Palette


I usually stick to what I know and that being my Urban Decay 'Naked one' palette but I've heard so many great things about this I couldn't pass giving it a go any longer. I'm a complete sucker for neutral, shimmery shades and rarely waver so we were already onto a good thing.

The 'Heaven and Earth' palette contains 12 eyeshadows just like the Naked palette that'll help you create a minimal day look or a smokey golden, brown eye. Unfortunately it doesn't contain any matte shades like the Naked palette but all the shades are extremely wearable. I'm not a big fan of the plastic packaging (and can see it being easily broken!) but for the price I can see why it is how it is and I'm glad there attention seemed to be on the quality of the eyeshadows themselves! I've gotta say for £4 I didn't have high hopes but I'm really impressed with how soft, creamy and pigmented each of the shades are. I don't usually tend to prime my eyes but probably would with this to get the best colour pay off I could. Granted they aren't up there with my Naked palette shades but are a great cheaper alternative that I'd recommend over and over again.

Although the palette comes with a double ended brush which is a great added extra for all those starting off with make up, I've been applying them with a mixture of my Real Technique and BareMineral brushes which has made blending them super easy. I wish they'd have given each shade a name but I'm sure that's just me! My favourite shade for all over the lid had been number 9 and either number 5 or 10 to add to my crease to give definition and create a smokey eye. 

You can find the MUA 'Heaven and Earth' palette in Superdrug stores around the country for £4 if you fancy trying it for yourself! Having been so impressed with this palette I'm looking to pick up the 'Undress Me' palette which is said to be a dupe for the Naked two palette that I do not own. Have you tried it? 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

The 'Invisibobble'


A set of 'Invisibobbles' made a very welcome and surprise apperance in my stocking this year that I had to let you know about. If like me, you've never heard of 'Invisibobble' let me give you the low down. 

'Invisibobble' is a new design of hair band that claims to be traceless, help you to avoid headaches, give you no split ends whilst giving a strong grip and being suitable for all hair types to use. I'm sure you can all relate to me when I say pulling a tangled hair band out is not fun! 

I have been using them for a good few weeks now and have had no problems with my hair getting tangled and stuck which is great as usually this is an everyday occurance. The grip seems to be really strong even when ive been doing excercise as my ponytail hasn't dropped lower and lower whilst running! My hair is long and flyaway so sometimes its just got to up but then I'm stuck with having to have it up all day as I get horrendous kinks. This claims to avoid that situation by being traceless which I soon put to the test:

20 minutes whilst doing my make up: no sign of any kinks which gave me hope as usually a small kink would have already formed! 

An afternoon: really impressed that even after 4-5 hours there was still no signs of a kink.

Overnight: unfortunately the overnight test didn't fair as well as the others as by morning there was defiantly somewhat of a kink however it was no way near as bad as a normal hair band would have left it.

Overall I'm really impressed with the 'Invisibobble' and have been using it a lot whilst at home. The no kinks aspect is great whilst doing my make up in morning and a strong grip makes working out and not having to worry about your hair that much easier. The only point I don't like is the way it looks when on my wrist, I find it far too chunky and telephone cord like to just pop on for those 'just incase' moments so think ill be sticking to using them whilst working out and getting ready. 

You can find 'Invisibobbles' on FeelUnique for £3.75 for a pack of three and they come in black, clear and brown, have you tried 'Invisibobble?' 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Best of 2013 | Skincare

Time for my 2013 favourite skincare products now, my penultimate 'Best of' post!

Looking back over my blog posts this past year I can't believe I have never spoken about the No.7 facial brush before! You know those products you run over to, throw in your basket and pay for straightaway just incase someone says you can't have it?! This was one of those! I was luckily enough to pick it up on an introductory offer early last year for £15 but even at full price (£25) they are great value. I am very surprised I actually haven't heard more about this on blogs. I've always coveted over the Clarosonic but could never justify the price tag so from what I can tell this seems like a great dupe. I like to take off my make up first and then use this for a deep cleanse, I don't use it everyday unless my skin is going through a bad patch but I can notice such a difference just using it 3-4 times a week. It's battery operated and splash proof- even enough to take in the shower and has 2 speeds. The first speed is really gentle and what I use most, especially over sensitive areas of skin and the second more harsh. If you've wanted the Clarisonic I would REALLY recommend trying this as I can't fault it!

I can't now remember life before Bioderma, face wipes who? Bioderma has changed my skincare dramatically and I religiously use it every night to remove my make up before cleansing. I stock up every year I visit France or if I'm running low beg family to pick me up more! I love how they do 500ml huge bottles that last me 3/4 months even when using it everyday. There have been similar products now released in the UK which are much easier to get hold of but for me Bioderma is at the top. A gentle micellaire water that removes even the most stubborn mascara without stinging or having to scrub my eyes. A super convenient way to take off the day even when you are feeling lazy!  

Origins products have been big this year and after trying a few of them throughout the year I can see why. Not only do visiting the counters make you want three of everything but their products are great. A brand where the product is just as great as the packaging. The 'Out of trouble' mask is a 10 minute mask that helps rescue problem skin which I reach for when my skin is exactly that, a problem. Its a smooth, cream facial mask that applies easily onto the skin leaving it fresh and calm. If you're after a one night wonder this isn't going to do that but it will help to restore you skin by giving it a deep cleanse. I will just mention the smell as if you aren't great with them this might be a problem. It does give off a strong clinical smell which personally I don't mind as I just feel like it must be doing something but I can see how others may not!