Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Essie Winter 2013


 Essie's Winter Collection was a purchase I completely forgot I had made until I found it under my bookcase earlier this week! I had a bit of a fall out with Essie before Christmas as a lot of my polishes from them had turned gloppy and dry but these new Essie polishes have given me hope so fingers crossed they don't disappoint!

The Winter 2013 Essie Collection contains three 5ml mini polishes in 'Shearling Darling', 'Parka Perfect' and 'Toggle to the Top.' 'Shearling Darling' is the perfect deep red, burgundy which is my go to winter colour of the moment. If I ever struggle to pick a colour this what I've been gravitating towards. 'Parka Perfect' is a light blue/ grey with a subtle silver shimmer throughout that is almost unnoticeable. It's unlike anything in my collection I own but is a great staple to have. Finally 'Toggle to the Top' in my opinion is the show stopper. A dark raspberry, packed with glitter and shimmer that is super opaque and easy to apply. I wish I'd have had this over the festive period as it wouldn't have left my nails! 

If you're a fan of the brush on the full size polishes you'll be pleased to hear these minis have the identical thick brush that so many love. It makes them ridiculously quick and easy to apply that's great for when you're in a hurry! If you haven't tried any Essie polishes before I'd really recommend trying a set of minis to try a few colours and see how you get on with them without having to splash out lots for full sized bottles. If you are interested I know these are still available in Superdrug and Boots as I saw them earlier this week. 

Have you tried any of the colours from the Winter 2013 Collection? 




  1. These are beautiful! Is the glitter one used as a topcoat in your swatch, or does it apply opaque like that? Either way, it is a stunner. x

  2. Yummy! This deep red is insane! I've got one on at the moment but it's a little too dark, almost black. Might have to buy this one :)


  3. I love the essie formula, definitely one of my favourite nail polish brands x


  4. Shearling Darling looks very similar to their Wicked which I love also. Very nice colors!

  5. these are lovely colours ! cute little bottles too :)

  6. I haven't tried these colors but they look like really nice winter colors :) and yes I really like the brush in Essie polishes!

  7. I've got this collection and love it, wore all three shades a lot around christmas :) The quality is amazing! x