Friday, 7 June 2013

Sinful Colors in 'Cream pink' and 'Folly'

Having recently grown my nails with the help of shellac, nail polish has only just popped onto my radar. However gorgeous the colour before my nails did it so little justice I eventually gave up painting them all together -  alas a new obsession is growing! 

I've dabbled in Essie and have been loving Models Own but the stand out brand has got to go to Sinful Colors.

I'd read a few blog posts and scrolled through a few tweets mentioning they had launched in Boots so made my way in to see what all the fuss was about. I was pleasantly surprised by the large colour range and variety of finishes. 
The finishes I could see were glitter, pearl, shimmer, matt and cream.  After much deliberation and indecisiveness I opted for 'Cream pink'  and 'Folly'  both cream finishes.

Cream pink is a bright, neon hot pink shade with a blue undertone and slight gold shimmer throughout. Like most neon polishes it dries almost matt however the gold shimmer is barely noticeable. I found 2 coats was enough to gain an opaque finish which I find is pretty standard for most polishes. 

Folly is much more red toned than cream pink, almost a raspberry colour. I found this colour very hard to capture to its most true form. When applying folly the finish was a lot more opaque and could be left with just one coat which is great for those days you are in a hurry! 

The shape of the brush is very easy to work with and picks up a lot of polish so just be careful when applying for a smooth application. You can pick Sinful Colors polishes up in Boots for £1.99 and I've also heard they are included in there 3 for 2 deals, win! 

I know a few people have had hit or miss experiences with them but I have nothing but good to say. 

I'm already thinking about which colours to pick up next, there was a gorgeous bright neon orange which was out of stock last time I'm dying to get my hands on! Have you tried any colours you can recommend? 

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  1. I saw these in Boots the other day, me and my friend were unsure of them as they were so cheap! I also noticed they were on buy one get one half price! I'll be getting down there to try a couple out! Great review, thankyou!!