Thursday, 4 July 2013

Radox 'Coconut Kiss' shower cream

I'm staying at my mums this week which of course meant a trip to Savers. There isn't one around where I live so I like to stock up and have a nose at what's in there whenever I can. Last time I picked up some biore nose strips for £2.99 compared to eBay where I last bought them at £7.00 so it's worth keeping an eye out.

This time I was on the look out for anything I can keep for holiday, it's so much cheaper than boots that's its worth buying it a month or so in advance! Usually I gravitate to more fruity, berry scents but seeing as its for holiday the coconut one reminded me of sipping a piña colada by the pool haha! 

For a lower end brand I don't find the scent too synthetic and do notice the smell linger on my skin after I've showered which is rare to find in a lot of lower end brands. I like the simple packaging and squeeze tube as its really easy to use whilst in the shower, no unscrewing and having to hold the lid! Like the name suggests the formulae is creamy and milky which I like in a shower gel, I find them a lot more moisturising and they lather up easily. 

For £1 I can't fault this product and am looking forward to using the rest whilst on holiday. I can't wait to smell like a piña colada for the week! :) 

Have you tried any of the other scents Radox have to offer?


  1. coconut kiss sounds great ;) lol

    Holly xoxo

  2. This sounds great :) I love coconut and everything that smells of it too! haha :D I think I'll definitely have to pick this up :) I agree with you, Savers is amazing, you can get some amazing bargains and I love Bodycare for bargains too, so so much cheaper than Boots/Superdrug :D x

    Beaumaquillagex | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. I nominated you for the liebster award tag! Sorry if you've already done it :) Follow the link for the instructions for the tag :)