Monday, 14 October 2013

Maybelline Baby lip in 'Peach Kiss'

Ever since the launch of these a couple of months ago I've been trying to get my hands on 'Peach Kiss' with not much success, until now. I was so excited to finally have it my hands I even managed to leave my card in the card machine in Superdrug! I'm not usually one to give in to the hype but these were hard to avoid.

For a reasonable price of £2.99 each, baby lips are the texture of a balm which moisturise and add shine. The range consists of 3 pigmented balms and 3 non pigmented balms making 6 in total. The colour pay off of Peach Kiss is very subtle which I personally like and goes on smoothly and evenly. It's a great everyday nude shade, perfect for creating that much sought after 'no make up, make up look' everyone is loving. Once applied to the lips there is a slight shimmer which seems to be undetectable at first from the stick. I much prefer the packaging of these to a dip your finger in a pot lip balm as they're much more hygienic and less messy to use. The scent again is subtle and of course peach which I adore (anything peach in my books is a good thing!) 

Overall if you are looking for a lip balm these are a great product but they are in there simplicity a lip balm. If its colour pay off you're looking for these aren't for you but to keep away the problems the cold weather brings to our lips they work wonders!


  1. I already have the cherry me one which ive done a review on, but this one loks so nice! deffo going to try and get one x

  2. Ok I've heard mixed reviews on these and I, myself, haven't yet jumped in the bandwagon but I do quite like the tints they give even if the colour isn't too great and vibrant!

    Kathryn x