Thursday, 14 November 2013

L'oreal Gift Set


First things first I am not a gift set girl. I much prefer to receive an item I really want than a few items I'd use up but this L'oreal set I spotted during my weekly Tesco shop was an offer to good to pass up. All gift sets were half price making this one £5, the micellar water retails for £3.72 alone and the moisturiser £6.89 alone so you can see why I grabbed one! 

Micellar waters made an almighty splash onto most bloggers radar earlier this year with Bioderma. I've been a huge fan of Bioderma for the past year or so but it is expensive and hard to get hold of so when this similar L'oreal version was released earlier this year I'd been meaning to pick up. A micellar water is an alcohol free make up remover that contains water and oil. Although it contains oil its by no means greasy and no oily residue is left on the skin making them great for all skin types. The L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar solution claims to do 3 things; dissolve make up, unclog pores and remove impurities whilst toning. I would agree with 2 of the claims but I can't say I've seen a difference in my pores. I use it by applying some on a cotton pad, holding it on my eyes for a few seconds and then sweep the make up away. Once all my eye make up in removed I then like to use another cotton pad with some on all over my face as a pre cleanse, you do end up going through a lot of cotton pads but in my opinion its worth it. Even though some eye make up removers have irritated my eyes in the past I've had no problem with this and it seems to remove even the most stubborn of waterproof mascara! For under half the price of Bioderma and being much more readily available L'oreal has defiantly won me over on this one, if only they did it in a bigger bottle! 

The triple active day moisturiser is something I've tried before and being included in the gift set made it a lot cheaper than buying it alone. As you can probably guess but the name 'triple' this moisturiser offers three key elements; hydration, protection and comfort. Hydrating it most certainly is, I almost find it too hydrating for the day time that my make up finds it hard to stay put on top so prefer to use it as a night cream. It's rich and luxurious texture could be mistaken for a cream of much more expense. The smell is my only criticism, its not the scent itself that puts me off but the amount it smells. I've always been skeptical with skincare that is strongly fragranced as I instantly relate it to being the cause of breakouts but so far so good with this one so fingers crossed! 

If you've wanted to try either of these products I highly suggest getting yourselves down to Tesco and trying to grab this set as I'm sure it won't be around for long! 




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  3. Now that's a canny little set, well done tesco! I love the micellar water, it's such a good dupe & perfect for a precleanse :)

    Love Kate xx

  4. This is such a great set! I love your blog :)
    Elise -

  5. I love this micellar solution

  6. The micellar is such a great price, great for using when I don't want to waste my bioderma!!

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog


  7. I will definitely be picking this up as a gift for a couple of friends, it's such a good price and a great product

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic