Friday, 6 September 2013

Holiday Haulin' #1 - Chanel 'Vitalumiere Aqua' Foundation









Firstly please excuse the photos here, the packaging seems to have been damaged in transporation! 

Number one on my holiday haulin' list is the loved by many Chanel 'Vitalumiere Aqua' foundation. This was a complete spur of the moment buy in duty free at the Chanel Tunnel coming back from France. I had a little bit of money left over in euros which I wanted to spend but the beauty counters were very small and nothing really caught my attention until I saw this. 

Recently I've been enjoying wearing more light weight foundations like my YSL touché éclat foundation so this fits right in there. It's super easy to apply without ever looking cakey, I like to apply with my real techniques buffing brush for that flawless finish look but I've heard it also works well applying with your fingers for an even lighter coverage like a tinted moisturiser. The 'Aqua' part of the name does give it away but if you werent aware it is a water based foundation so does need to be shaken before using. I was worried when choosing what colour to go for as I had to colour match myself but I think '10 beige'  works well for me and will be good in the winter months when I'm at my most pale. 

The phrase 'a second skin' was made for this foundation, its sheer, light-weight and hydrating yet eases dullness, evens out uneven skin tone and covers redness. If I need that extra bit of coverage here or there ill just use a more heavy duty concealor over the top. 

I know opinions have been mixed over the packaging as its not as luxurious as most Chanel products such as the 'Pro lumiere' foundation in a glass bottle but I like how light and travel friendly it is. I'd read that the bottle was small so I was expecting it but it is tiny although there is just as much product in there as bigger bottles like the 'Pro lumiere.' The only negative I have overall is with the packaging being opaque so its difficult to know how much you have left but shaking it should give you a rough guide. 

As I mentioned I picked mine up in duty free and it was in Euros but you can pick 'Vitalumiere Aqua' up from almost Chanel counters for £32. I know it is expensive but its Chanel so you kind of expect it, I've been trying to save using it for those special occasions! 

Have you tried 'Vitalumiere Aqua' what did you think?


  1. I like lightweight foundation and I picked this up earlier this year and have been loving it. The only complaint I have is hard to tell how much is left in the bottle.

    New follower from the blog hop.

  2. I have been wanting to try this for ages! The price (and mixed reviews) always put me off - but when I next go on holiday I think I might pick this up from duty free. Lovely blog :)
    Becky xx

  3. This is one of my favourite foundations of all time! Love that the coverage is buildable but still looks natural x

  4. This is one of my favourite foundations of all time! Love that the coverage is buildable but still looks natural x