Saturday, 28 September 2013

Time to work it #1

Now lets talk about fitness.

Let me be honest with you now, real, embarrassingly honest with you...I am lazy, I do not do fitness, unless walking to the fridge and back counts?! The words fitness, workout, run, cardio bring me out in a sweat alone. You know those people who look at the dessert menu before the mains, yeah that's me. I'm in no way overweight but I have put on weight over the past few years to the extend where I'm no longer comfortable or happy with the way I look. I'm not looking to lose stone, just pounds to tone up and become healthier. 

I've tried, oh I've tried many times in fact but these spurts never seem to last. Ill feel pumped and ready to change things around but each time it ends the same way, failing. After much thought I've come to the conclusion I've been going about it all in the wrong way. I've been trying to change everything straight away and put too much pressure on myself only to set myself up for a fail. I need to add things in slowly, set smaller goals and change things I know I can stick to. Instead of cutting out everything bad for me, I'll allow myself to a certain number of treats a week, I won't set unrealistic goals of exercising 6 times a week instead ill make it 3 times a week and increase when I feel ready. 

My ultimate goal is a half marathon. Most of my family have done several over the last few years and I'd really like to prove myself to be just as capable, I know that's the last thing they'd think I could do! 

Beauty, fitness, food all over lap and if we're not looking after ourselves on the inside how do we expect to look our best on the outside? Being healthier will translate in our skin, hair, nails,and body. I know it'll be hard work but I also know in the end it'll be worth it. 

Inspiration and motivation 

1- Instagram, tumblr and blogs

I know there will be those days I won't want to get up and exercise and that's where these girls come in. Your probably all aware of them already but just in case they've slipped through your path these are the girls that inspire and motivate me. 
Lydia Millen from 

Lydia's Instagram 'LydiaMillen' is full pictures of motivation. Her body is ah-maz-ing and her love of health and fitness really shows. She proves being fit, and having strength is the way forward and that skinny is not the aim. 

Lauren Spearman Instagram 'LaurenSpearman' 

Lauren's results are amazing, her before and after photos are so inspiring to see what can be achieved with hard work and determination. The running updates and pictures she posts almost make me want to get up and go! 

Charlotte from

I followed Charlotte on her recent 30 day shred journey, knowing that she's a mum and still had time to exercise everyday means there's no excuse for me, who isn't a mum and has no one else to look after!

If you put #health or #fitness into Instagram or tumblr it also comes up with hundreds of inspirational and motivational pictures. Tumblr like Instagram is a great way to find pictures and read people's stories and journeys. I especially like the before and after pictures posted, seeing other people's progress really spurs me on to see how well they have done and know I can do similar. 

2 - Lucy Mecklenburgh
If you haven't recently seen Lucy's body you must've been hiding under a rock. She's been constantly displayed on the cover of every magazine making us mere mortals feel rubbish about ourselves! Yes she had a great body before but seeing how with good food and exercise her body has changed is so inspirational for me. If I could choose my ultimate, dream body, Lucy's would be it. Slim and toned. 

Throughout this fitness journey ill be adding my motivation and inspiration as it happens to hopefully help inspire and motivate anyone needing an extra hit! Once I find a routine that seems to be working for me I shall let you all know! 

What's your motivation? 


  1. I really need to find my motivation again. Need to be able to fit into my Xmas party dress.
    Karen x

  2. I need to find my motivation again, i'm so lazy! I do find instagram and tumblr are GREAT for motivation though! x

  3. I am exactly the same! I use to be really good and go to the gym but then I cancelled my membership and it all went downhill from there lol! Good idea to use instagram and tumblr for motivation :) xx

  4. In a spate of desperation, we've just got a personal trainer/nutritionist and its love. I can't actually eat like I used to anymore, J.Michaels body here I come (Maybe) xx