Monday, 23 September 2013

Holiday Haulin' #3- Make Up Forever


Post number 3 of my holiday haulin' features two much loved Make Up Forever products. Let me introduce to a repurchase of mine the Smoky Lash mascara and a newbie to me, the Full Cover concealor. I was aware from last year of a Make Up Forever in St.Tropez but still feel felt overwhelmed whilst browsing of what to pick up. I knew I loved the mascara so it seemed only right to pick up another one and I've heard lots of love for the concealer especially recently after seeing Lily and Vivianna pick it up on their trip to New York! 

If I had to pick a HG mascara the Smoky Lash would be it. I find it the perfect balance in formula of not wet and not too dry, ultra black and lasts all day. The formula is thick which works best by using less product and building it up, it gives great length, curl and volume which can built up depending on the look you are going for. I'm a huge fan of big, dramatic lashes which this easily achieves without leaving them looking spidery. I've had no problem with flaking or smudging even though most mascaras do tend to smudge on my upper eyes yet my Bioderma has no problem taking it off. I know Make Up Forever is hard to get hold of in the UK but if you get the chance to try it take it and let me know your thoughts! 

As for the Full Cover Concealer I am so undecided, I want to love this product as I've heard so many good things but I just don't. I have shade 3 which is defiantly too light for me, I can work with it under my eyes but over blemishes is a no go as it just highlights them. This could be the reason it hasn't lived up to its name for me but my issues don't stop there. I find it incredibly difficult to apply as it drys very quickly and makes it impossible to blend without dragging the skin. Warming it up with your finger beforehand may just give you enough time but a brush has no chance. It's essentially a very thick, very full coverage concealer. If you want something that's waterproof and won't budge this is that. I'm used to a very creamy concealor which this is not. There are however a few plus point I must mention. I squeezy tube packaging is great, I love how hygienic it is compared to many concealors with dofa applicators. The Full Cover concealer is expensive but you only need a small amount and a little does go a long way. If I get the chance I would like to try it in a better colour for me to see if my feelings change! 

Any concealers you would recommend me? 


  1. I'm very jealous, I wish Make Up For Ever was easier to get hold of in the UK!



  2. I just hauled some Mufe too. Their aqua cream shadows are really awesome :)
    FOllowing you. Do visit me too. I am fRom yesterday's #bbloger chat