Monday, 13 January 2014

Best of 2013 | Skincare

Time for my 2013 favourite skincare products now, my penultimate 'Best of' post!

Looking back over my blog posts this past year I can't believe I have never spoken about the No.7 facial brush before! You know those products you run over to, throw in your basket and pay for straightaway just incase someone says you can't have it?! This was one of those! I was luckily enough to pick it up on an introductory offer early last year for £15 but even at full price (£25) they are great value. I am very surprised I actually haven't heard more about this on blogs. I've always coveted over the Clarosonic but could never justify the price tag so from what I can tell this seems like a great dupe. I like to take off my make up first and then use this for a deep cleanse, I don't use it everyday unless my skin is going through a bad patch but I can notice such a difference just using it 3-4 times a week. It's battery operated and splash proof- even enough to take in the shower and has 2 speeds. The first speed is really gentle and what I use most, especially over sensitive areas of skin and the second more harsh. If you've wanted the Clarisonic I would REALLY recommend trying this as I can't fault it!

I can't now remember life before Bioderma, face wipes who? Bioderma has changed my skincare dramatically and I religiously use it every night to remove my make up before cleansing. I stock up every year I visit France or if I'm running low beg family to pick me up more! I love how they do 500ml huge bottles that last me 3/4 months even when using it everyday. There have been similar products now released in the UK which are much easier to get hold of but for me Bioderma is at the top. A gentle micellaire water that removes even the most stubborn mascara without stinging or having to scrub my eyes. A super convenient way to take off the day even when you are feeling lazy!  

Origins products have been big this year and after trying a few of them throughout the year I can see why. Not only do visiting the counters make you want three of everything but their products are great. A brand where the product is just as great as the packaging. The 'Out of trouble' mask is a 10 minute mask that helps rescue problem skin which I reach for when my skin is exactly that, a problem. Its a smooth, cream facial mask that applies easily onto the skin leaving it fresh and calm. If you're after a one night wonder this isn't going to do that but it will help to restore you skin by giving it a deep cleanse. I will just mention the smell as if you aren't great with them this might be a problem. It does give off a strong clinical smell which personally I don't mind as I just feel like it must be doing something but I can see how others may not! 


  1. Ah, the Bioderma is my all-time fave, too. But the Lóreal Micellar water is good too. Love your picks, the 2013 faves are my favourite kind of post recently. :)

  2. I just love Bioderma, it makes the skin feel so clean and soft - wonderful! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. Bioderma and 'Out of Trouble' are both two of my top faves too! I couldn't be without them now. x


  4. I love the Origins mask but didn't get on with the no 7 brush :( such a shame because I got it at the intro price too as I'd always wanted to try a facial brush but it just didn't seem to do much. Think I was expecting miracles haha xxx