Thursday, 16 January 2014

The 'Invisibobble'


A set of 'Invisibobbles' made a very welcome and surprise apperance in my stocking this year that I had to let you know about. If like me, you've never heard of 'Invisibobble' let me give you the low down. 

'Invisibobble' is a new design of hair band that claims to be traceless, help you to avoid headaches, give you no split ends whilst giving a strong grip and being suitable for all hair types to use. I'm sure you can all relate to me when I say pulling a tangled hair band out is not fun! 

I have been using them for a good few weeks now and have had no problems with my hair getting tangled and stuck which is great as usually this is an everyday occurance. The grip seems to be really strong even when ive been doing excercise as my ponytail hasn't dropped lower and lower whilst running! My hair is long and flyaway so sometimes its just got to up but then I'm stuck with having to have it up all day as I get horrendous kinks. This claims to avoid that situation by being traceless which I soon put to the test:

20 minutes whilst doing my make up: no sign of any kinks which gave me hope as usually a small kink would have already formed! 

An afternoon: really impressed that even after 4-5 hours there was still no signs of a kink.

Overnight: unfortunately the overnight test didn't fair as well as the others as by morning there was defiantly somewhat of a kink however it was no way near as bad as a normal hair band would have left it.

Overall I'm really impressed with the 'Invisibobble' and have been using it a lot whilst at home. The no kinks aspect is great whilst doing my make up in morning and a strong grip makes working out and not having to worry about your hair that much easier. The only point I don't like is the way it looks when on my wrist, I find it far too chunky and telephone cord like to just pop on for those 'just incase' moments so think ill be sticking to using them whilst working out and getting ready. 

You can find 'Invisibobbles' on FeelUnique for £3.75 for a pack of three and they come in black, clear and brown, have you tried 'Invisibobble?' 


  1. They look great. i have thick hair and often get headaches from having it tied up all day so these would be brill.

  2. Haven't tried these yet, but glad you reviewed them. I'm always switching between having my hair up and down during the work day so these may come in useful!

  3. OMG these look amazing! I really want these thank you so much for sharing! I hate getting kinks so these will be fantastic!
    lots of love,
    Laura x

  4. This is such an amazing idea! My hair is really long so I have mines tied back quite a lot and it kinks really noticeably.
    Thanks for introducing me to these! :)

  5. This sounds great, I always end up with a huge headache when I have my hair up so I need to try one of these out x


  6. This sounds really good! Definitely something I'd want to try :)


  7. They do sound great, i get a headache if i tie my hair to high, will have to invest in these x

  8. Wow, I need one of these in my life! My hair is so long and thick, if it is up all day I always get a headache. Plus the weight of my ponytail usually makes it droop after a few hours. x

  9. These look great! I'm always breaking hair bands because my hair is so think so these look like they could be just the ticket! Great post :) x

  10. Me and my friends used to have those when we were 17! haha They're great. xx

  11. I've seen these and considered trying but didn't want to buy without knowing if they are any good or not. Think I may well have to buy one after this review! :)

    Becca x

  12. I love these
    gorgeous blog hun xx