Saturday, 25 January 2014

Victoria Secret Nail Varnish in 'Runway Angel'


On a recent trip to New York my brothers lovely girlfriend picked me up this beautiful nail polish. Unfortunately I did not visit New York and am still yet to step foot in a Victoria Secret store but one day this shall happen! 

'Runway Angel' is a gorgeous golden, glitter that most definitely lives up to its claims of being 'a high gloss, performance lacquer.' I find a lot of polishes look great in the bottle and once applied barely translate onto the nails at all which is not the case with this. It is not just a polish that looks incredible in the bottle but one that is equally as pretty on the nails. Runway Angel is made up of a mixture of small and large glitter pieces that can be worn as a top coat over other polishes or built up to be worn alone. Most of the time I seem to wear it built up on its own to add a little sparkle to everyday life but it does look great over a neutral base like Essie Fiji. In general I tend to find glitter polishes last longer on my nails with this as no exception. I could easily get away with wearing this for a good 5 days which on my nails is good! On a little side note - I adore the square, unique shaped bottle that I think are similar to the American Apparel polishes? It looks so pretty on my dressing table! 

Since falling in love with the consistency and shade of this polish I've been had a sneaky look on the VS website and found it comes in a variety of shades! 'Just kiss me' and 'Backstage' have already been added to my wish list! Have you tried the VS polishes? 


  1. I've never tried VS polishes before but this one sounds lovely. I really like the colour and this one would great as an accent nail.

    Kimberley x

  2. oooh, that looks lovely. I've never been to a VS either, but there is one in the Trafford Centre so I might make a visit soon !

  3. I didn't know VS did nail polish, I'll have to look next time I go. This colour is so pretty, I'm on the hunt for a gold glitter and this looks perfect x


  4. It looks so pretty, it reminds me o the Sally Hansen Gem Crushes! Thanks for sharing! xx

  5. This is sooo pretty, I'd have loved to have had this for December and all those glitzy christmassy nails!

    Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog

    Jenn xx

  6. ahh I've been on the hunt for a pretty glittery nail polish for ages and this is fab! Lovely blog and thanks for sending over your link tonight :) Just started following you

    Hannah xx

    1. and thanks for your lovely tweet! You made my night :)

  7. Such a pretty polish (: I love the look your blog, so pretty and simple! Glad to have discovered you through #bloggers xx

  8. So pretty love this and your photography <3 now following x

  9. This looks divine! I wish we could get VS over here (in UK) x
    Love Vicky

  10. This nail polish is so pretty! It reminds me of the Maybelline Show Brocades nail polish in Knitted Gold which I love and wore so much over Christmas! x

    Rachael | ♥

  11. Honestly I need a VS closer to me this is gorgeous! I have had a few cosmetic bits before and always loved them! This just looks amazing though

    Genna at Lipstick Crush

  12. Such a lovely shade! I want to shop in the US store, I have bought things over here but they're almost double the price ha!

    Tara x

  13. this is such a lovely glitter polish! x

  14. This is a gorgeous nail polish! Shame cause I just bought a gold glitter nail polish but this is way better!

    Thanks for sending your link at the social bloggers chat!

    Anna Czarina