Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New Year, New Changes


A slightly different post from me today but like many I have embarked on a few changes this year to improve myself that I wanted to share here! I feel New Years resolutions are so easily broken because they are so quickly thought about. That being said this isn't a New Years resolution as such but a new change that I am determined to keep. I'm sure 99% of the Country make similar statements as this time of year but I'm fixed on being that small percent that continues past January! To me its all about feeling comfortable with yourself and in your own skin which is where I want to get back to. Healthy eating and exercise for me is the only way to go about this and in turn I think that will help improve a lot of other things. My love for anything chocolate covered and sitting on my butt makes this extremely difficult! (Even writing the word chocolate makes my mouth water!)

Something I really struggle with is knowing how much I can eat and what foods have in them which is where the MyFitnessPal app is really helping. If you are having the same problem I can't recommend this app more as its so useful, easy to use and free! The app in its simplest form is where you can record what you eat and how many calories you are consuming. I wouldn't recommend calorie counting obsessively but its a good starting point to help you know what and how much you can eat. My favourite part of the app is that you can scan the barcode of your food, choose your serving size and it'll automatically add it in in seconds. I can already see by using this just where I was going wrong! 

Just the word exercise fills me with dread! I can't run and never have been able to which I am trying to change. I know I'm not going to be out running miles at a time any time soon but I am slowly progressing. I think being able to see how far and fast I've run really helps me and motivates me to beat that. The Nike Running App has been great for documenting all this and again is free! It maps your run and saves it for you to look at and compare with other runs whenever you like. Without this I would have no record of the progress I am slowly making! As well as cardio I'm very aware of the benefits of strength training to help tone and define which I actually really enjoy. Luckily my brother has many free weights and a bar which is perfect for what I need. I'm looking forward to see the changes weights can make! 

So there we have it a couple to things that have really been helping me keep on the straight and narrow! Can you recommend anything else to help? What helps you? 


  1. Aww good on your for starting this all! I've recently started a bloggers weight loss group so I feel your pain! I use MFP too, it's great isn't it?! (I'm jnnfrch if you wanted to add me :) Good luck on your journey!

    Jenn Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


  2. I wish you lots of luck I dread the word exercise to I'm far too unmotivated!:)x

  3. Good luck and well done on getting fit! starting is always the hardest but I'm sure you'll get in to a routine. I hate exercise especially running! But I've found a local zumba class which is soooo fun I love it!

    MyLushBox | YouTube xx

  4. Good luck! I did something similar to this last year so that I could feel more comfortable with my body and it really did help. I used myfitnesspal and a similar app to the Nike one called runkeeper, they really did help me become more aware of fitness and helped me boost my confidence x


  5. My Fitness Pal is such an amazing app! I love it :) xx
    Elise -

  6. I'm not convinced that everyone is designed to be a runner, otherwise we'd all have small boobs!! I'm focusing my getting fit efforts this year on getting stronger so that my back stops hurting. I've made it through most of January and now that my birthday's over, there'll be less tempting food around...

    Good luck with C25K, though!

  7. Those apps look great, will have to check them out! Thanks for sharing