Thursday, 19 December 2013

Eyelure Naturalites - 206


Lashes are something I've always struggled with. The combination of always being in a rush when I'm getting ready and having next to no patience doesn't help but if I can give you any lash advice it's practise, practise, practise. Get yourself a couple of pairs of cheapo re-usable lashes and get sticking!

I picked up these Eyelure 'Naturalites' recently with my works 'Moulin Rouge' themed Christmas event in mind with the hopes they'll help me create a dark, dramatic look. Eyelure is a brand I'm familiar with having used their lashes for many years but Id never come across there new 'Double lashes' range before. Eyelure say 'Double lashes have been specially designed to give a fuller, more textured look to the lashes emulating the effect of wearing two gorgeous lashes at the same time.' I would completely agree with what they have said, they do appear thicker to give that full effect which I personally love and are great for when you want a smokey eye. These are the 206's which are more of a swept lash and I think look more natural than the straight lashes, although of course there's nothing natural about these! Personally these aren't lashes I'd wear in the daytime even being a big, voluminous eyelash lover but for an evening event they're just what I'd reach for. 

Do you have any tips for applying eyelashes? 


  1. I always use Eyelure lashes, my tips would be to take your time and don't put too much glue on them x

  2. These are gorgeous, i love eyelure lashes :) They really give fab volume, my glue always goes white- swear I use to much looks pretty bad haha, covers up with some eyeliner though ;) xx