Sunday, 8 December 2013

Teapigs - Pure lemongrass


I find getting out of bed in general hard but throw in a cold winter morning and the thought of work 
and I'm going to need some persuasion. Teapigs has been just that. I spotted these whilst browsing a local farm shop and knew they'd be a perfect start to my morning. Refreshing and zingy with a hint of lime and citrus to wake me up with plenty of goodness to help digestion and fight off those tummy bugs flying around at the moment. A big winner for me was how they are caffeine free being an anxiety sufferer I always steer well away from a anything that'll make me more alert! Since looking through their website ive seen they do a 'Super power green' organic matcha tea I NEED to try.

Far from your average cuppa tea Teapigs is bursting with herbs and spices and come in the most beautiful silk pyramids. They come in a selection of unique flavours where there's sure to be something everyone will love including chocolate?! As well as being dee-licious Teapigs is also a great company to support as they are very much involved in the ethics of tea growing. Nick and Louise who founded Teapigs in 2006 have set up their own ethical scheme to support the deprived regions that Teapigs buy from. Make sure you look out for them on your need shop! 


  1. This looks gorgeous! I love tea pigs and I imagine this is lovely xx

  2. I'm definitely a coffee kind of girl but I love your mug x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness