Thursday, 26 December 2013

What's on my iPhone& new case!



A new phone of course validates a new case right?! I spotted this 'Aimee Wilder' beauty whilst browsing through TKMaxx last week and knew it was coming home with me. As you may be able to tell from my blogs colour scheme I'm quite partial to some turquoise and the whales add a perfect amount of cuteness and fun! I like to change my case up fairly often so didn't want to spend a bomb (I'm looking at you Cath Kidson however pretty you are!)  so at £4.99 what a win. I'd never heard of Aimee before but having had a quick google I found she's an American designer with a selection of pretty and quirky designs on iPhone cases to wallpaper. She's defiantly worth a look at if you have a spare minute.

I've seen a 'Whats on my iPhone?' tag going around YouTube recently and thought it'd be interesting to show you my most used apps. I've recently had a de-clutter of apps I didn't use so am just left with the necessities, yes Candy Crush it a necessity to those of you wandering! 

I'm sure it's no surprise that my most used apps are mostly social media related, I seem to find any spare time I have gets whittled away scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest accounts looking for inspiration or making me want something I nearly always can't afford. Facebook makes it easy and useful for me keep up to date with friends whilst Twitter is where I like to interact with other blog users and occasionally nosey into a celebrities world. 

C25K and MyFitnessPal have really helped in my mission to get fit recently, if you can't run, C25K standing for couch 2 5k is what you need. It slowly helps you to build up to running a full 5k by switching between walking and running and altering the times. I'm not one for calorie counting obsessively but MyFitnessPal really helps monitor yor intake if your struggling, it has so many foods registered on it and a super easy feature of scanning the barcode of anything your eating. 

If you've ever heard a song you like but don't know the name Shazam is where it's at. It listens to the song, tells you it's name, stores it so you can go go back later and even links you to it on iTunes. I use Dropbox almost daily to move my pictures and documents between my devices and whatsapp is essential for chatting away with my best friend in America for free! 

I'm always looking for new apps to download can you recommend me any of your favourites? 


  1. Your phone case is so sweet :) I love Candy Crush! xx
    Elise -

  2. Love all of those apps! :) The case is gorgeous. You should download an app called Heads up :) It's basically a game where you put the iPhone on your forehead (Kinda like the post-it game) and people either have to describe what it says or act it out its hilarious :)

    1. Ah I shall do! Would have been great for Christmas! Xx

  3. Whales!! Eeek soooo cute!

    I'm terrible at apps I bore of them too quickly! Some of yours look fab though!

    Roxanne @ Simply Roxilicious!

    1. I know what you mean I can become bored easily too! Xx

  4. I use MFP, too, but I've been slacking with the logging lately. The whale case is awesome--never thought of looking in TKMAXX for phone cases--will pass that on to my husband who is looking for a new case that isn't at Apple prices!

    (Visiting after #lbloggers chat.)