Friday, 20 December 2013

Natural Collection 'Coral Shimmer' Lipstick

The week before Christmas shouldn't be about buying for yourself I know but I find it impossible to go into Boots and come out with nothing for myself! On a recent rummage through my make up draw I came across a couple of old (and pretty nasty looking!) natural collection lipsticks. Despite the state of them the colours were gorgeous so I planned to just replace them but once in Boots 'Coral Shimmer' caught my eye.

'Coral shimmer' is a pretty rose gold shade and part of the moisture shine range. I've found these formulas to be not as pigmented as others but are defiantly buildable and the most moisturising. They dont cling to dry patches and are easy to apply even without a mirror! I cannot fault the Natural Collection lipsticks they are super creamy, long lasting and have a good colour pay off. The packaging however is cheap but for £1.99 what do you really expect. They arent going to look the most luxurious on your vanity top but they arent offensive or tacky either being all white. I've never tried anything else from the range but I've heard good things about their blushes especially 'Pink Cloud' and 'Peach Melba' which I think I'll be picking up next! Can you recommend anything from the range? 


  1. I really like Natural Collection products, especially their blushes! Pink Cloud is the perfect soft baby pink shade. This lipstick looks gorgeous, definitely something I'd wear. x


  2. This is a really lovely colour, I haven't tried their lipsticks before but have their other products. Gorgeous shade and great post xxx